Monday, March 27, 2006

A Thankful Heart

Every time you think a thankful thought, you connect your life to more abundance. Everything for which you are grateful takes on added value as a result of your gratitude.
For that gratitude shines a light on possibilities that otherwise would have been hidden from you. That gratitude opens doors that previously were closed to you.
You have much for which to be thankful. The more of it you discover and acknowledge, the more joyfully your life will unfold.
A few of your blessings are obvious, and yet most of them are still waiting to be uncovered. Look deeply into every corner of your life with a thankful heart, and the rewards will truly astound you.
When it seems that everything is working against you, stop and choose to focus on the many aspects of your life for which you can be truly thankful. Suddenly, you'll start seeing a whole new set of workable ways to move positively forward.
Gratitude is an essential component of a life that's filled with joy and meaning and richness. Whenever, wherever you choose gratitude, it always makes life better.